The time to hire Santa Claus for special gatherings at homes and businesses is here. Want to have a stellar experience? I’m sure you do. Here are some tips from the experience of our Santa’s 14 years that will help make it a great time.

1) If Santa’s appearance is a secret, have the children occupied when Santa arrives – This makes the moment of arrival a grand surprise.

2) Have a functional chair for Santa’s visit. – When you choose a chair for Santa, be certain that it is sturdy enough to hold two adults for the occasional adult that wants to sit on Santa’s lap. If there are arms on the chair, the chair should be wide enough as well.

3) Have an order set for those that want to visit Santa.- At large gatherings, a line or tickets with numbers work best. For small family gatherings, youngest to oldest works well.

4) Let children who are scared go after other children. – Sometimes a child who is scared will warm up if they see other children go first and have fun interacting with Santa Claus.

5) Have cameras ready when your child visits Santa. – Some children get restless and may not want to stay in Santa’s lap for long. Have your camera ready to get the picture opportunity while you can.

6) If your Santa is being paid at the party, pay Santa in a discreet manner when children aren’t looking. – You can also ask if it is possible make the payment for your Santa in full before the party.

7) Have the children occupied when it is time for Santa Claus to leave. – Make Santa’s exit a joyous goodbye as he leaves to perform his Christmas duties. Keeping the children occupied prevents them from going outside to see if Santa really has reindeer waiting for him. Leaving that to their imagination helps keep the wonder of Santa alive.

Hopefully these tips will help make your Santa visit special.