Bluetiful face painting at an event

Face Painting, San Diego!

Are you looking for a high quality face painter for a birthday party or other special event? Hire the clown with the big blue hair and the dynamic face painting. She would love to make your celebration extra special and has been making faces look fabulous in San Diego since 2008.

BLUEtiful the Clown always aim to create a BLUEtiful memory for you. She face paints children and guests with excellent quality work so you can take pictures you can treasure for years to come. You can view her Google reviews if you would like to see what others say about the great experiences they had with BLUEtiful as their face painter.

Girls with Butterfly Rainbow Face Painting at San Diego Party

Favorite Designs for Boys and Girls

BLUEtiful is always studying the latest techniques and using the latest tools to give children a fantastic face paint to remember. Even while she continue to learn new face paintings, there are favorites that stand the test of time. For girls, some of the favorite designs have been butterflies, princess looks and tigers. Superheroes, cartoon characters, and monsters are popular for boys. If you have a special theme for your event, please let BLUEtiful know. She always like to learn what the kids at the party would like.

BLUEtiful with Fighting Turtle Face Paint

Materials and Preparation

BLUEtiful is always concerned with what goes on a child’s face and only uses high quality face paints and brushes in her kit . Supplies are always cleaned and organized the day before her events.

Glitter Tattoos and Air Brushing

I am now offering glitter tattoos and air brushing with stencils for the arms. You can add them to the face painting for an additional charge or request those services exclusively. Glitter tattoos are popular for pool parties. Air brushing is faster and the finished art is impressive. Electricity is needed for the air brushing.

Rates and Reservations

If you would like to see rates to hire BLUEtiful, please visit the pricing page. You can view more of BLUEtiful’s work on her gallery page. If you would like to make a request to reserve BLUEtiful’s services please visit the reservations page or call BLUEtiful at (619) 518-4566.

Bluetiful face painting at an event
Girls with Butterfly Rainbow Face Painting at San Diego Party
3 Girls Face Painted at the Park
Mini Face Paint
The Mouse Face Painting